Dessert with Mozart, and a Stroll through the Palace

Sacher Torte! It’s fun to say. The first word is pronounced “soccer”, and the second one is “tort”. It’s even more fun to eat. We got into the cafe just before 5:00. Karen ordered a salad (boring!) but I got a fabulous sausage platter, deserving of its own photo. The big attaction, almost a landmark here in Vienna, is the Sacher Torte. So we got that (and some apple strudel, which I thought was better than the torte) for dessert, to go with our coffees. Click on the photos to enlarge.

After we finished dessert, it was pouring rain outside, and a long line to get in to the cafe. We walked over to the Albertina museum, but it was closing, so we went on to the Hofburg Palace. This was the heart of Europe for hundreds of years, when the continent was ruled by the Habsburg family of Holy Roman Emporers.